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Marlene Claire SteeleMarlene Claire Steele
12:03 29 Mar 22
I travel from Brampton to buy my meats at Burnhamthorpe Fruit Market. I like fact that the chicken, pork and meats have no hormones and fillers! Highly recommend their ready made seasoned hamburger patties! Delish!!
Chris KatarChris Katar
22:44 19 Sep 20
Always have great choice of fruit and vegetables in good price. Fresh stuff.
Elenka SpasoyevicElenka Spasoyevic
16:59 24 Aug 20
Good selection of seasonal fruit and veggies, fresh meat and deary, good cheese selection... whole wheat croissants that are heavenly good and cannot be found anywhere else...Highly recommend!
Local independent fruit market and grocery store. So convenient with the fish market and in an accessible plaza. There are great deals and fresh fruit you can pick up to eat that day
I actually do most of my shopping here and only go to the supermarket to buy odds & ends… except prosciutto ends, which I also buy here. Quality is excellent, prices at the deli and meat counter are pretty hard to beat, especially after you take the quality into account.
This is a great store, which we regularly shop at for nearly 9 years. Some items are slightly more expensive than other stores, but most items I regularly buy are cheaper and are of MUCH better quality than other stores. I love their cheese selection, the meats are locally sourced and are of very good quality. Best place to buy ground chuck for burgers. In the fall this is the best place to buy farm fresh apples, they have at least 10 varieties of local apples.
I ♡ this family owned Italian grocery. I now live in the East end but still make a point of shopping here whenever I’m in the area. Friendly, efficient staff. Marc runs a tight but personable business. Farm fresh produce..European quality meat, chicken, cheeses, cold cuts and pasta. Fresh made bread, rolls, pastry and cakes. Miss this place.
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